We are on a mission to redefine luxury and how we consume it. For us, luxury is to enjoy a beautiful object without having a bad conscience about how it is made or what footprint it has left on our planet.

The fishing Industry generates around 50% of ocean litter with alarming impacts on marine ecosystems and biomass. Ghost nets trap animals on the open seabed while ocean junk keeps fish from spawning, resulting in declining stocks.  

At Ekbacken Studios we use waste material and refine it to become luxurious and valuable with the goal of making the smallest possible footprint. We secure this by performing life cycle assessment on our entire operations. We don’t only use other’s waste, we make sure that the products we make will both circulate in the user phase, and we take responsibility to buy back every piece when worn out so that we can recycle it and make new products again.

Our ambition is to create furniture that can last for many years and several generations. A portion of Ekbacken Studios profits is returned to Peniche Ocean Watch to be invested in local initiatives working actively with social and environmental sustainability.

We are proud to announce that we are using PENYLON® for our furniture, a newly developed material by Ocean Tech Hub in collaboration with Ekbacken Studios.

Ocean Tech Hub is exploring and developing methods for sustainable recycling and upcycling of old fishing nets collected in Portuguese ports in collaboration with the local fishermen.

Fishing nets made from highest quality polyamide is a great material source for new and innovative production methods like LSAM 3D printing. We compound the polyamid with local additives to optimize value creation.

By using 3D-printing as our production method, we minimize production waste and produce only once an order has been placed. Once a product has reached the end of its life-cycle, the material can be grinded down and used again for a new product, staying in a well designed circular loop.

Our current production hub is located in Sweden. Thanks to the production technique, the goal for Ekbacken Studios is to have hubs all over the world, producing as close to the customer as possible, becoming global by being local.